Hi there, I’m John El-Mokadem. I'm a breakthrough coach helping people who are facing significant challenges in their life. People often come to me with problems such as...

  • Chronic health conditions
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Navigating challenging business issues
  • Relationship problems

I work with client’s from all walks of life and the goal of my work is always the same - to help them to settle down into a deeper, and more innate sense of peace and wellbeing. Many of us forget that this space is actually the source of all our potential, and where transformations can be the most powerful.  

You are so much closer than you think to what you're looking for - improved health, wellbeing, connection, resilience and the expression of a deeper potential.

As someone who spent a lot of time learning tools and techniques, I've come to see that often they aren't required, and can in fact make us very busy-minded.   

More often it is simple and innocent misunderstandings that are at the route of our struggles.

I’m here to be a gentle, compassionate guide to help you to see more clearly.

I’m frequently humbled at the life changing transformations that I get to witness as people wake up from the misunderstandings that have been causing them to struggle.

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One of my earliest memories as child was standing in my parents kitchen and feeling a very deep sense that I was here to ‘help people’.

As a young and pretty insecure kid, who often felt a bit out of place and different, that seemed like quite a big thing to ask of me. Even now it’s something that feels way bigger than me.

In a way it IS bigger than me. It’s so tempting to my former type A striver personality to say that it’s ‘me’ that really creates the change in the clients that I work with.

But that wouldn’t be true. There’s something deeper that comes through me, that is effortless and doesn't involve struggling and striving.  That intuitive Self is also in you too. The magic, and the relief, happens when we get out of the way and let that energy do the work. 

Please take some time to listen to the free resources on my site.  You can access them by clicking on the button below. The people that I’m able to help best are those that resonate me with me on an energetic / feeling level. I’d encourage you to allow that to help you find your way.

With love, John.



Often people come to me as a last resort, they've tried everything else and they've often accepted their lot in life.

I point people like you to question their understanding of life, themselves and how things work.  In so doing it opens them up to seeing things afresh and more in alignment with how the human condition is setup.  This allows much of their overthinking to drop away, an inner sense of wellbeing to arise along with greater creativity, a more relaxed nervous system and a more graceful experience of being alive.  


CFS for 23 years

There’s no amount of money that could repay John for what he’s done for me…


Former CFS Sufferer

You have given me back my life and for that I will be eternally grateful. My Children now have a mother and my husband, a wife and that is huge. 


CFS Sufferer

I no longer feel limited or hindered by my health in doing what I want to do. Moreover, I have already told a number of close family and friends that I consider myself to be fully healed. In such a short amount of time and after suffering with this illness for so many years.


CFS Sufferer

Thank you! I am so grateful I think it’s just hit me suddenly. I’ve done it. I’ve got my life back!


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I'm living proof that you can overcome chronic health conditions and completely transform your life. I've seen it for myself and I've seen it for many clients I've worked with.

Come with an open mind and I will show you a new way of navigating and being in life.  One that at the very least will allow you to be far more settled in yourself.  But one that also sets the foundation for greater healing, problem solving, creativity and the expression of a deeper potential.  

Click on the link below to hear about my own personal healing journey and how a clearer understanding of the mind and who we are changed everything for me.