When it's time to stop. And look within...

Feb 03, 2023

I hope this finds you well? You may have noticed that I've been a little quiet lately, but I saw something on social media recently that prompted me to record a little video that gives a little sense of part of the reason I've been quiet.

I've never been someone that wanted others to take my words too seriously because I know on some level the only truth that is right for each of us is OUR truth - what we know from the deepest and quietest part of ourselves.

However, I've continued to share what I have over the years because on some level it has also looked to me like the words and insights from others can help us to calibrate what is true for us, by allowing us to bounce off and assess if something really feels right for us or not.

But what if there comes a point where hanging onto the words of a teacher or always looking externally becomes more of a hindrance to our own growth? What if parts of our journey require us to look internally so that we can go beyond looking externally for answers and come home to an even deeper seeing of the wisdom that lies within us all?

I've always known this to be true on some level.  It's why I never took on clients repeatedly and sometimes actively refused to work with some people if I felt there was a danger of them seeing me and my insights as anything other than reflections to connect back to their own wisdom.  

But in these ever noisier times where there are so many sources telling us what is right or wrong, or what to think, I feel like it's more important than ever that we stay in the quiet and am increasingly finding myself not wanting to 'add' to that noise or engage with it (even if I think it is 'good' noise)!

On a personal level I am actually distancing myself more and more from all kinds of sources and teachings because all of them were starting to feel unsatisfactory for me. Even the act of bouncing up against them felt like it was making me noisier, and was stopping me from seeing, and resting in, what was true for me.

Increasingly I'm just finding myself checking in with myself and seeing what I see un-encumbered by opinions or other people's judgements, and trusting what comes through. I see deeper than ever that each of us lives in a separate reality in our own minds and that there are in fact multiple truths that are 'right' depending on how you see the world. That doesn't mean I have to justify what I see, or negate others for being different. It just means that what I see can be enough for me.

That process though has caused me a bit of a problem. If I am not looking externally myself to stir up my own insight, then how do I reconcile others coming to me for help? Does this mean I am no longer coaching? Well, at the moment I am not currently taking on coaching clients both for the reason above but also because of other demands on my time. But this looks to me to be a temporary thing. I just need to let my understanding evolve organically before knowing what form this needs to take next. I have some ideas of what this might look like, but right now they are not ripe to share which is why I am just letting things marinate.  If you are one of those who has approached me for help lately and found me unavailable, this email and video might give a little piece of the story as to why.  Stay tuned to the mailing list for updates on this process as it evolves within me.  

In the meantime though, I hope the video I made might help you to get curious about how much it is useful to look externally for your own insight. And Yes, I am well aware of the irony of pointing you to a video of me externally sharing my insight around this given what I have written above!! Like I said above, don't take my words too seriously!!!

Sending lots of love,

John x

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