Adapting To Change More Gracefully

finding solid ground Aug 18, 2021

Over the past week or two I've noticed that I have been feeling this sense of loss and grief.  There's been a lot going on at home, but this sense of grief felt bigger, like I was shedding a skin or going through some kind of initiation.  

In May you may recall I recorded a video about transitions.  At the time it looked to me like many of us had boarded a metaphorical 'boat' and were on a journey to a new 'island' and weren't quite sure of what that island was like or what we would do there.  (If you missed that video, you can watch it here - Are You Beating Yourself Up For Not Doing More?)

As the world opened up, I think for me I has a sense that I could go back to where I was in some respects.  But what I found was the more I looked towards the old and familiar, the more I found myself not feeling resonant or aligned with many aspects that were there.

In reality that has looked like some of the things, beliefs and people that I used to engage with naturally drifting apart and a big sense of loss, grief and a general letting go arising in my experience.

In this video I speak to the safety of the experience that I have been having and how the mind adapts to change as we grow through grief. 

If you've been feeling stuck, grieving who you used to be or aspects of the life you used to have and uncertain of what to do next then this video is for you.

Click above to listen to the video.

As always, if you do find this video helpful please do feel free to share it.

Lots of love,

John x




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