Dealing With Transitions & Change

finding solid ground May 08, 2021

I hope this finds you well. Today I have another video that I have recorded with my good friend Colin.  Although Colin practices from a different discipline as a yoga therapist, I feel we are colleagues as our conversations about life always seem to converge into the same place.     

In this video we speak about dealing with change and transitioning from one experience of life to another.

Over the past 15 months there has been a great deal of unexpected change happening in the world, and most likely in your life.  This has provoked a wide variety of transitions and new circumstances for us to adapt to.

From what I've seen, this has been a somewhat bumpy ride for a lot of us, myself included at times. "Bumps" in our experience are to be expected in times of transition, but what we make of them and what we think they mean determines how much difficulty we get into when they arise.  

Our minds are incredible processors but they sometimes do need more time than we want to give them. Whether it's adapting to new rules you have to abide by or a change in your job or some other kind of change or transition, the mind requires time to integrate and settle down as things change. Think of it like an update to your internal software, sometimes it flies through to 100% other times it's a bigger update and takes more time.

There are many more aspects to this which Colin and I start to explore in this 20 minute conversation, click above to watch the video.

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Lots of love and have a great weekend!

John x




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