Feeling anxious about the world opening up?

anxiety Mar 05, 2021

I hope this finds you doing well.

I've got another one of my random little videos for you today. I'm finding these videos are reflective of what I'm going through, and I've seen when I share what's going on for me personally it seems to be helpful for people.

I'll introduce this video by asking a question...

I'm wondering if with the opening up of the world has in some ways sparked anxiety for you?

I've noticed it has a little bit for me. I've also had clients come to me who are finding things challenging with the prospect of going back to a level of normality. They are asking: why am I finding that difficult? Or why is this making me anxious?  Some are even concerned that an anxiety disorder has returned.

So I wanted to speak a little bit to why this is happening and help you see that maybe this is normal. I'll also share why it hasn't been so much of a problem for me than it might have in the past. 

Watch the video above to hear what came to me this morning.

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I hope you find the video useful, take care and have a good weekend.

Love John





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