Firewalking & Why We Can Feel Stuck Sometimes

insights Jan 19, 2022

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I hope that this finds you well.

Yesterday I had a few serendipitous things happen which have led to today's video. The first thing was I randomly came across this photo of me doing a firewalk. It was taken about 15 years ago (when I still had hair which made me laugh), and at the time it just looked like a crazy thing to do since it looked to me like:

Fire + feet = nasty burn.

Now it turns out that of course there is some truth to that. However, as the physics of conductivity were explained to me it became clear to me that it wasn't quite as straightforward as I thought and that:

Fire + feet + walking on burning wood without stopping = low heat conductivity = less likely to get burned.

This shift in my understanding opened the door for me to be able to see the challenge differently. In my case, combined with the fact that I was seeing others not get burned it was enough of a shift for me to be willing to do the challenge. 

In life it seems to me that we have many of these kind of understandings that might not always be true. As a coach, part of my job is to 'trade notes' with people about how I see things differently to my clients in areas where they might be struggling.

On a call last night someone asked a really relevant question which was "by whose standards are we judging if something is an understanding or misunderstanding".

Great question and one which combined with me finding the firewalk photo has triggered today's video.

Thank you to the person that asked the question. I hope what it has triggered in this video is helpful to some of you on the mailing list.

Sending lots of love,

John x



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