How To Be "In The Zone"

performance Jul 09, 2021

I hope this finds you doing well.

Do you know that feeling when life feels like it is flowing through you and things appear to come to you easily and effortlessly? Perhaps you've felt it dealing with a situation at work, being a parent, running a business or playing your favourite sport. Athletes call that space "being in the zone", but actually it's an important ingredient for all of us no matter what our role is in life.

Have you ever wondered what allows us to be in that space more?

Today's video is all about that!

In 2019 I put together a program which, due to the pandemic, we never got to run. It was entitled "The Essence of Performance" and it's purpose was to not only bring to life experientially what it is like to "be in the zone" whilst driving through Europe, but also share a deeper understanding of the mind to enable people to be in that space of flow more in every area of their life.

At the beginning of this year, the idea raised it's head again in my mind, and I noticed myself gently beginning to explore running it in a new format.

To be honest I didn't take the idea too seriously, due to the situation with the pandemic. I felt like other programs and ideas were far more important and likely to be less complex to run in the current circumstances. So I kept my eyes on those.

But life had other ideas...

It kept "tapping me on the shoulders" with new insights, happenings, and sychronicities, and before I knew it, Paul (who works behind the scenes with me) and I not only found that we had a new program on our hands, but it had come into the world completely in alignment with the understanding I wanted to share with people on it. It literally flowed through us effortlessly and gracefully. It struck me just how much my understanding of creation has really grown throughout the years because contrary to how I might have created in previous years:

  • There was no pressure or pushing
  • No overthinking or analysis.
  • No particular attachment to the program even happening!
  • No sense of stress at all. In fact it felt fun to be a conduit for life's creative urge.

In the video above you can hear Paul and I share a bit about this experience of creation and some of the insights that I have had that have made this process so much more effortless for me.

If you find the video useful, please do consider sharing it with others.

Lots of love,

John x

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