How To Illuminate Our Blind Spots

finding solid ground Oct 25, 2021

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Have you ever had that feeling that something isn’t quite as it seems but you are worried to dig deeper?

Maybe it’s a sense that a friend / work colleague / someone you are in relationship with isn’t being totally honest with you?

Or a ‘feeling’ that you should leave a job or situation but you are afraid to explore more for fear of what might come to light and how you might cope with it?

When this happens it is so tempting to leave things in the 'dark', so to speak, and turn away from our deeper Knowing.

However, when we do this often that 'Knowing' gnaws at us internally and it can lead to all kinds of emotional and physical side effects as we try to suppress what is coming to the surface from within us.  

It can even lead us to make decisions that might be out of alignment with our highest and best.

What is it that enables us to really look at and stay open to things that might be uncomfortable to see?

In this video I share an example of how a friend shared something with me last year which went so totally against my perception of them that it threw my mind into cognitive dissonance.

This is something that happens when we face information that is completely contradictory to our understanding of something that it causes the mind to feel like it is 'short circuiting'! 

We end up feeling confused, stressed and uncertain about aspects of our life.  

In the past I would have disregarded or written off what this person told me as ‘crazy’ but on this occasion was able to stay open and allow my perception to evolve and was able to see something new.

If you’ve been feeling like there’s something not quite right about a situation or relationship in your life, but have been afraid to look, then this video might point you to how you can stay open and shine a light on your Knowing curious without shutting down or getting caught in judgement.

Watch the video above.

As always, if you find the video useful or you get something from it please do consider sharing it.

Sending lots of love,

John x

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