Finding A Lasting Sense Of Peace...

finding solid ground May 19, 2022

I hope this finds you doing well. Today I'm sharing a short video about something that came up during a client call this week.

To give some context, have you ever found yourself in what seems like an endless cycle of attempting to find peace externally?  

Considering the amount of uncertainty that has and continues to go on this attempt to find some semblance of solidity is very understandable.

Here's the thing though, and perhaps you can relate to this happening in your life at some point.

After having found something to give us a sense of stability or peace, be it a concept, teacher, idea or situation... what happens?

The mind moves onto something else that is unknown or looks scary. And so you start the searching process again, lured back into the hamster wheel of seeking and finding, but never truly settling into a sense of lasting peace.

Of course there is a place for this external seeking.  If there wasn't then I wouldn't do the work that I do.  But what if the end result of that external seeking is for it to burn itself out? 

What if there was no external concept that could deliver lasting peace?  What if ultimately we have to let all external concepts go to find what we are looking for?  What if this was the best news ever? 

Click above to watch the video.

I hope you find this helpful, sending lots of love.



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