Letting Go Of The Struggle

finding solid ground Feb 17, 2021

Today I wanted to share with you a video clip, from my recent Finding Solid Ground Workshop.

In the clip you will hear me share my experience of struggling against my life to try and find a sense of stability and peace and how I never seemed to find it.

You'll also hear how my growing understanding of how the human experience is created helped me to see an inner solidity, available not just for me but for all humans. Looking towards this anchor point has helped me navigate these times of uncertainty with more ease and grace than I might have previously.

I ran the Finding Solid Ground workshop as a means of helping people to settle down and have an opportunity to touch that quiet space that is within us all, so that they too could have that inner anchor point to fall back on as the world continues to fluctuate.

The feedback from the workshop has been truly humbling with so many people sharing how powerful the three days were.  I've shared a few comments about what people have noticed since touching this space of inner solidity:

"I left the retreat with a huge sense of peace and well being and had the best nights sleep!" (Dani D)

"I learnt about myself, the space inside me, that transpires me and let me see that there is no need to be afraid, to doubt myself, to be right or wrong..." (anon)

"The retreat was transformational for me, in the truest sense of the word...John really helped facilitate the space for me - to touch that which is within me that is always OK, grounded, peaceful and wise. I haven't been able to connect with this space for a while and it was so beautiful to be back there" (Lindsey E)

If you'd be interested in joining the next workshop simply click the link below to join the waiting list:


Thank you so much to everyone who attended, you truly made the 3 days an incredible experience and a joy to facilitate.

Take care,


John x

Click here if you'd like to be added to the Finding Solid Ground Workshop waiting list.

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