Making A Difference In Your World

finding solid ground helping others Feb 26, 2021

Hope this finds you doing well. Today I want to share a video with you that came through me.  

As I see it, we all have within us a capacity to impact others to be at their best in the world.  

It might not be in a typical coaching situation. It could be...

  • An every day situation like helping/parenting one of your children.
  • Supporting a friend through a challenging situation.
  • Sharing something you believe could help others.
  • At work either as a boss or employee part of a team.

Often we might think that helping others is about 'doing' something.  But I wonder if that's really true?  What if there was something so universal and connected between us all, that the more we can simply presence that space by owning it and seeing it more, we might actually organically invite others back to that space for themselves?    

In this video I share a few ideas about what this might look like in our everyday lives.

If this resonates with you, then my next 3 day retreat, which I'm just finalising the details of, might be of interest to you.

In March I'm going to be doing something quite different with regards ways you can work with me.  It's a little experiment that I am playing with!

I'll be sharing more details of this experiment, and why I am doing it, and the new retreat early next week.

For now, take care and have a good weekend.

Love John



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