Making Friends With Peace…

finding solid ground Apr 21, 2022

I hope this finds you well and that you had a nice Easter. It’s been a little while since I messaged you with a video recording. I’ve been taking a bit of time out after a very busy period. But last night, after I had finished with a client call, I organically found myself recording the video below.

Peace - it’s the thing that we are all seeking from what I can see. We look for it in so many places and in so many ways, and part of the journey to being more peaceful is in living through that seeking and in slowly beginning to recognise that it is inside of us, all along, underneath the noise of our thinking mind.

Seeing this and also recognising that we don’t need to be in our noisy thinking to function helps.

But there’s another subtle piece of the puzzle which I’ve seen in myself and noticed when I was working with my client. That piece is that we aren’t used to being at peace. In fact, given the pace of our lives and how much we can end up living in our heads, being peaceful can actually, and strangely, seem problematic to a revved up nervous system to the point that we end up trying to distract ourselves from it.

A strange double bind - we seek peace and want it, but then when we find ourselves in it, it’s so unfamiliar that we quickly try and take ourselves away from it.

Which is what I saw happening with my client.

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media, or seeking out a new podcast? Perhaps you have to have the TV on or fill gaps in conversations, just so it’s not too quiet?

Today’s video is about how we can not only actually begin to notice when we are peaceful, but also befriend that powerful part of who we are when it shows up.

I hope you find it helpful.

Sending lots of love as always,

John x

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