Owning What's Right For You

finding solid ground Apr 21, 2021

I hope this finds you well.

In a world where people currently (and perhaps understandably) seem to have very strong beliefs about what the "the right thing to do" is, it can be very easy to feel lost amongst all the noise that is being programmed into us every day.

What's the right thing for us to do? How can we navigate all this noise?

Today's video is a little bit different from normal. I've recorded it with my friend Colin Dunsmuir who is a yoga therapist with over 20 years of experience.

Some of you will have heard me share the story about a conversation I had with a yoga therapist back in 2007, when despite my life seemingly falling apart whilst I was unwell I found myself getting very quiet and experiencing a moment of real peace.

Many years later, both Colin and I continue to work with clients from our respective disciplines, but always find that despite the differences in our approaches, there is a richness to the conversation that keeps us chatting both as friends and colleagues.

Today's video is one of our conversations that we happened to hit record on. In it we chat about what constructs a persons belief system, how those beliefs influence our lives and ultimately what direction we can look toward that has the potential for us to transition to a more conscious belief system.

Watch the video above for a quick introduction by Colin before we dive into this topic of beliefs and much much more.

I would love to hear any feedback you have about the video, whether you'd like to hear more of these conversations and any insights you had while listening. Email [email protected] with any feedback.

If you'd like to find out more about Colin, visit his site

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Lots of love,

John x



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