Permission To Do Things Our Own Way

sovereignty Jan 31, 2022

Hope this finds you well.

I'll start today's message with a question:

"What if you and ONLY you are the only one that knows how to live your life"?

Last week, my blender blew up!  I've been making smoothies every day for nearly 6 years without issue, but the ensuing smoke, and a conversation with the blender manufacturer about following the manual, made me slightly insecure that I had done something wrong.

What followed was a lot of unnecessary thinking and adjusting my smoothie making process which resulted in me almost blowing up a new blender!!

In life, all of us have been conditioned to live our lives according to various different user 'manuals' which might come from a variety of different places such as:  

  • members (e.g don't rock the boat)
  • systems (e.g this is how you do this or what you should believe)
  • ...society (e.g it's not OK to do XYZ it is OK to do ABC)
  • ...the media (e.g you'll only be loved if you have this)

All of these systems teach, condition and programme us to navigate life with a certain user manual as if that way is the only way. 

However, as my smoothie making debacle showed me, perhaps my way of making smoothies wasn't the problem after all.  

In today's video I share one of those random moments in life that was a great example of listening to my own internal user manual.  It feels like it's a great metaphor for everything we do in life.  

Click above to watch the video

I also wanted to let you know that I'm opening the doors to The Retreat for 48 hours on Wednesday 2nd February, as soon as the doors are open I will email you with the details.

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Love John



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