Why You Might Not Need To Hide From Others

shine your light Sep 29, 2021

I hope this finds you well.

Do you ever find yourself hiding parts of yourself or worrying about what other people might think if you share how you truly are or how you really see the world?  

If so today's video (which was recorded a few weeks ago) might be for you.  

As I look at the world we grow up in, most of us are conditioned to behave and act in certain ways. Through our family unit, friendship groups, media and wider society we learn what is deemed acceptable and what is not.

As a result, most of us start to create a socially acceptable 'mask' to wear. We do this to avoid being judged, to stay in the tribe, to be liked, feel like we belong or as a simple attempt to find peace.

Sometimes it might be appropriate to wear that mask, particularly if our personal security is at stake.  

But when hiding becomes a default position or we are doing it frequently, it might be worth exploring if there might be a deeper level of freedom available to us.  One that ironically shows up when we are actually 'seen' and have understood something deeper about the nature of freedom and peace. 

If you feel like it's not OK to be yourself, you're afraid of being seen or worry about being judged by others for who you are then this video is for you.

As always, if you find the video useful or you get something from it please do consider sharing it.

Sending lots of love,

John x

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