The Mind Body Connection - A Missing Link?

health May 25, 2021

I hope you are having a good week.  

A common question I get asked when people are exploring working with me is this:

"OK John, so how is a conversational program with videos and calls going to affect my health"?  

And it's a really good question.

One that I answer in today's video called 'The Leaky Bucket', which comes from module one of the Foundations of Health Program (currently open for enrolment until Wednesday 26th May at 11PM). 

In the video you will hear me explain in more detail the mind / body connection along with some insights as to what can innocently cause people (including myself) to end up caught in a struggle that can cause / exacerbate a decline in their health. 

Whether you've been diagnosed with CFS or another chronic health condition or perhaps experiencing ongoing anxiety, bouts of depression or other chronic situation then this video is for you.

It points you towards a direction that we can ALL look towards to not only have the potential for improving our health but also making our lives easier.

Click above to listen to the video and hear about this missing link.

Love John


If you find this video useful and want to access more videos along with group coaching calls click here to find out about the Foundations of Health Program.

If you're still not sure if the program is right for you or you have questions about it, email [email protected] and either Paul or myself will get back to you.



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