Is Anxiety What We Really Think It Is?

anxiety Jan 22, 2021

I've had many people come to me lately with concerns about how anxious they are. One of the main reasons that anxiety seems like it's such a problem for us is that we think it is telling us data or information about our lives and circumstances.

But from what I see, this is not true, and this misunderstanding left unaddressed can lead us into increasing spirals of worsening anxiety about how we can fix these changing situations.

With that in mind, today I wanted to give you a video to watch from our Foundations of Health program to get you curious about what anxiety is really made of.

(see video above)

If you find this video useful be sure to take a look at my upcoming Finding Solid Ground workshop which runs on 5th to 7th February. This will be a major topic of our exploration on the program.

If you have any questions about the workshop or insights from the video email [email protected]

Take care,

Love John



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