Hear our stories of how we recovered from chronic illness & the surprising missing ingredient not covered by any other intervention that we tried. 

with breakthrough coaches John El-Mokadem & Karen Di Marco

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This Webinar Is For You If:

  • You've been trying really hard to get well and doing all the right things, but none of it is working.
  • You want to gain a different sense of what is behind the scenes of physical health.
  • You are interested in joining the Foundations of Health program but not really sure if it's for you.
  • You are curious how a conversation could even make a difference to your health?

Want to join us in a fun, light and informative space where John & Karen share their experiences, discuss what is behind health and answer your questions? Then come and join in on this FREE Webinar!

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Meet John & Karen...

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John El-Mokadem

John is a Breakthrough Coach with over 16 years experience. His journey working with health clients began following his own recovery from 7 years of suffering from CFS.

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Karen DiMarco

Karen is a former nurse and healthcare visionary transformative coach with over 20 years experience in healthcare and training functions.

What we'll be covering in this webinar...

In this webinar, John El-Mokadem & Karen Di Marco will be exploring:

  • How the body is always striving innately to find health, and how an innocent misunderstanding can get in the way of this very natural process.
  • The difference between being 'healed' and 'cured' and how clearing up the misunderstanding can create space for greater freedom and the potential for healing
  • The peace and safety that is available and within us all no matter what.

I no longer feel limited or hindered by my health in doing what I want to do. Moreover, I have already told a number of close family and friends that I consider myself to be fully healed. In such a short amount of time and after suffering with this illness for so many years.

C.B CFS Sufferer

Thank you! I am so grateful I think it’s just hit me suddenly. I’ve done it. I’ve got my life back!

Rebecca, CFS Sufferer

“Life has really opened up for me, my functioning has improved, I now have a part time job, I am learning to walk again and can walk very short distances without crutches. All in all life feels in a much better place for me.”