Our one to one programs provide a new foundation for exploring healing from chronic conditions like Anxiety, Depression, CFS/ME, Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic Pain & Others. It is based on formal research (which was accepted for publication in May 2020) conducted with chronic fatigue clients and one to one work with other sufferers of numerous chronic health problems.


The healing zone...

The approach requires no tools and techniques, which can be exhausting and time consuming to maintain. Instead we rely on creating behavioural change by helping clients gain new insights into illness, life, and how the mind works. By shifting understanding in this way, it allows clients to organically settle back down into a ‘healing zone’ space where they are less stressed and can move forwards with life.

What Keeps You Out Of The Healing Zone...

Human beings can often innocently get caught up creating the conditions for worsening physical health.

There are several ways in which this can occur:

  1. We don’t appreciate just how deeply connected the mind and body are
  2. We’ve forgotten where peace and wellbeing actually lie
  3. We’ve become overly dependent on our thinking minds to navigate our lives
  4. We’ve picked up erroneous ideas of what health really is

The result of the above misunderstandings is that individuals end up spending a disproportionate amount of time in seeking/figuring out and trying to manage their lives and health. This causes a part of the nervous system called the fight/flight response to become excessively engaged which causes the body to enter a state of physical breakdown. This drains energy and results in tension, inflammation, oxidative stress, impaired detoxification, imbalanced hormone and neurotransmitter expression and lactic acid build up.

“For years, I suffered from debilitating chronic pain. I saw every specialist, traditional and decidedly non-traditional, I tried every therapy, every procedure, every remedy, every medication anyone suggested. I found no relief of any kind. Working with John allowed me to reclaim my life. The best part is, that the life I feel was returned to me is much easier and more enjoyable than anything I ever experienced before.”

Gary Stine, USA


Humans beings always do what makes sense to their understanding of how the world works. To create changes in behaviour that do not require effort and ongoing maintenance, we have to affect an individual’s level of understanding.

To create movement, the programme utilises a selection of video and audio resources. These are a combination of bite sized teaching modules and over 15 hours worth of calls recorded with an online group programme in early 2020. Individuals study these at their own pace, and can then ask questions and discuss in their personal one to one sessions.

The coaching sessions themselves aim to bring to life the resources experientially and deepen the understanding of what clients are being pointed to. The coaching packages vary in the amount of one to one coaching time that is included, from 60 minute sessions to a 2 and a ½ day total immersion intensive.

All elements of the coaching can be conducted remotely and we work with clients from all over the world.

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Although the programme is designed to help people with chronic health issues, it does not do this by addressing illnesses directly. Rather, results are achieved by pointing people to see more of their healing zone – a space where they have wellbeing irrespective of their illness and symptoms. In seeing more of this space, it ‘heals’ them of the desperation to be cured and actually creates conditions where physical relief (potential for ‘cure’) becomes more possible.

Common health problems I help people with include...

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
  • Chronic Pain or Discomfort?
  • Lymes Disease or Fibromyalgia?
  • Anxiety, Depression or Migraines?
  • Lack of Energy & Constant Tiredness?


As with all coaching there are no guarantees, but, I can offer you hope...

Physical Results: In the years that I have been doing one to one health coaching, I have seen some amazing physical turnarounds, including clients finding freedom from: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Migraines, Chronic Lyme, Chronic Pain, haemorrhoids, and Psoriasis to name but a few. Such physical turnarounds are always a pleasure to witness and do happen often, however, such results are not guaranteed.


The Hope That Is Always Available: There’s something else on offer though: an unshakeable sense of freedom, peace and a deeper sense of wellbeing. These things are available to all of us, irrespective of our illnesses, because they are at the core of who we really are. The experience of being in this space is simply obscured by the misunderstandings that keep our mind busy and frantic. To see through these misunderstandings is to find our freedom. To find our freedom is to let go of resistance to our symptoms and in so doing, enter the zone of healing, with much less riding on it than ever before…





CORE 1 to 1


For those with a basic sense of the program, limited to scheduled coaching calls and provided resources only.

  • 5 x 60-minute coaching calls
  • Foundations of Health Self Study program
  • 8 Weeks worth of teaching modules covering the topics outlined above
  • Over 15 hours of recorded coaching calls with a Foundations of Health Coaching Group



Designed for clients who are either completely new to the understanding or who have struggled for some time and therefore may require additional support.

  • 6 x 90-minute coaching sessions (option to convert one session into 6x consecutive 15-minute sessions to build momentum towards a specific goal)
  • 3 x 15-minute spot check sessions often used for urgent coaching
  • Foundations of Health Self Study, as per the core programme
  • 3-month Email/Messaging support within reason and where practical



Specially created for clients to take time out of their busy lives to immerse themselves. Or for those who may have tried everything and need more of a condensed intervention to create the space needed to move forwards.

  • 2 & ½ days intensive coaching (virtual)
  • 3 x 60-minute follow up coaching sessions
  • 3 x 15-minute spot check sessions often used for
    urgent coaching
  • Foundations of Health Self Study as per the core
  • 3-month Email/Messaging support within reason and
    where practical

For questions about working with me one to one or joining a retreat please email [email protected]





“I’ve just booked a holiday for June with my boyfriend….I just sat here and had an OMG moment and burst into tears. We’re having a week in the South of France and i can’t believe I’ve just put the final piece into completing my list (of things that were not possible before the study)….I’m sat here crying so much because I’m overwhelmed. Thank You! … I am so grateful I think it’s just hit me suddenly…I’ve done it…I’ve got my life back.

R.S, CFS Sufferer, UK

John is a warm, caring coach with a calm and grounded approach that has allowed me to explore some deep fears and worries in a completely safe space. He has remarkable insight and sees the innate health in his clients – his certainty allowed me to open up to experiencing that wellness for myself. I would recommend John to anyone suffering with a chronic health condition, or anyone wanting a better experience of life.

Ali Scott, CFS Sufferer, UK.

I no longer feel limited or hindered by my health in doing what I want to do. Moreover, I have already told a number of close family and friends that I consider myself to be fully healed. In such a short amount of time and after suffering with this illness for so many years.

C.B CFS Sufferer

This understanding means my search is over. The release of that alone has changed me so much. My relationship with my husband has been saved, and that with my children is flourishing. Out for a run, eating chocolate, a drive on the motorway, a meal out with friends, a walk to school, bubbles of joy and unexpected laughter.…gradually these things are coming about. There is no trying. Like I said, it’s simple. The Foundations of Health programme is a beautiful place to hang out and be led to the truth. To a place of quiet and calm. John and Karen are deeply knowledgeable and their immense support is strong and genuine. This has been a profoundly life-changing experience and I will never look back.

Nicky H - CFS for 25 years

“I started working with John at a particularly difficult time in my life. I had suffered from anxiety and depression for over 20 years and had found my world becoming smaller and smaller. I was stuck in a very dark place when we met but found that each time I spoke to John he would flick a switch in my brain enabling me to see things very differently. I found John to be extremely kind, patient and understanding. He could see quite clearly how my thinking was tripping me up, enabling me to look at how I was using my thinking to create my own experience. I can say with all honestly that John genuinely wanted to help ease my suffering and went out of his way to support me in between coaching sessions. Since working with John the depression has lifted and I have started living my life again. My mind has quietened and I am feeling calmer once more, being able to let go of worry and control. I would recommend John to anyone who is currently feeling 'stuck' in any form of anxiety, worry or low mood, who is looking to understand how their thinking and life really works. Thank you John”

Trudie Davis, UK

"We talked about the nature of life, how the mind works, who we really are and I started to cry. I cried because I felt such joy in seeing my true nature, my okay-ness. John has a gentle way of coaching that feels like he’s leading you down a trail all the while dropping breadcrumbs as he goes which you’re picking up. Each breadcrumb points you in the direction of your true self. Then, all of a sudden you come to the last breadcrumb and what you see before you is breath-taking to behold. It is light, love, and the inner knowing that no matter what, all is well. This happened through the Foundations of Health course which, literally, cured me of major health anxiety (not to mention hypertension and haemorrhoids) and even when it pops up from time to time, it has lost its monstrous grip and I can see it for what it is.”

Antra K. Boyd, BSN, MSN, CNOR, iRNPA, (USA)

“The real changes have come sometime after doing the course…life has really opened up for me, my functioning has improved, I now have a part time job, I am learning to walk again and can walk very short distances without crutches. I am able to respond to rehabilitation support in a positive way whereas before it had been impacted by my fear of pain. All in all life feels in a much better place for me.”


“Today is ME/CFS awareness day, BUT today is different for me, today I stand up, jump up and down, run around the room like an idiot, shout in my loudest voice, smile with the biggest smile and can say to you with my hand on my heart that after 23 years of suffering from ME/CFS -I AM OK NOW, I don't have ME/CFS anymore! It can happen and is possible, once you understand and I am the living proof. Thank you for making this possible John El-Mokadem”

Alison Ford, UK


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