Hello there, I'm really pleased to be putting on these blind spot sessions and working with you.

Please note I am limiting these sessions to one per person. If you have already had a 45 minute session, you can book a normal single session here or explore my packages here.

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Coaching Agreement & Disclaimer Form

This agreement is made between you and JELM Consulting Ltd. T/A “Breakthrough That”. (registered address: 17-19 Station Road West, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 9EE, United Kingdom).

Coaching Package:

  • 1 x 45-minute coaching call

Price: £50

You, as a participant in the above coaching program with John El-Mokadem acknowledge that whilst coaching is a potentially life-changing experience, you also accept that it is not an intervention in the form of therapy and that, at all times, you remain responsible for your choices, actions, thoughts, and feelings throughout the coaching program.

You also understand that you are the custodian for your own health, and that John El-Mokadem is not a medical practitioner. You are fully aware that the essence of this package will be to direct you towards a greater sense of emotional wellbeing that may have a positive effect on your physical health. You understand it is your responsibility to consult with a physician and/or qualified medical practitioner regarding any changes your make to your treatment regime or if you have any symptoms that cause you concern.

You further acknowledge that you understand that the above coaching program is informational in nature and not a substitute for proper medical healthcare, and that no guarantees have been made to you directly or indirectly regarding the likely results you can achieve as a result of your participation. You are aware that you may ask for a full refund if by the time of the end of the second session you are not satisfied that the programme is going to be of benefit to you.

By agreeing to this document you also agree not to hold John El-Mokadem, or any other practitioner introduced by him in a teaching capacity into this package, nor JELM Consulting Ltd., it’s respective officers, directors, staff or contractors, liable for any losses or damages, including any perceived or actual negative changes in your health, whether mental, physical, or emotional that occurs as a direct or indirect result of your participation in this coaching program, in perpetuity.


The agreement and any personal information provided will all be stored electronically and on cloud based file storage systems.

You understand that all reasonable care will be taken by JELM Consulting Ltd. to ensure the security of this data and that your name will not be revealed to any individual outside the program, without your expressed written permission. However, you also acknowledge that internet sites are not always secure and that breaches of confidentiality, although rare, can happen. You agree not to hold John El-Mokadem, not JELM Consulting Ltd. liable for any losses or damages that might occur as a result of such breaches in perpetuity. If, at any time, you decide that you don’t wish to have coaching sessions recorded and stored in this way, then it is your responsibility to advise of this as soon as possible.


This agreement is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. The parties specifically agree that, regardless of where any breach occurs, and regardless of the citizenship, nationality, or residence of any party, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad, that jurisdiction over any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be exclusively with the courts situated within the United Kingdom. In the event of any dispute, professional mediation will be employed before any other legal action can take place.

This agreement cannot be modified without written consent from both parties.