Right now, the world is going through a huge amount of change. This can be very unsettling. Does any of the following sound familiar:

  • You're Worrying About The Future, Feeling More Anxious And Depressed Than Normal or Have A Feeling Of Impending Doom
  • You're Fed Up With All The Uncertainty So Find Ways To Numb & Distract Yourself Until Things Get Back To Normal 
  • You Or A Loved One Have Experience Ill Health Due To The Pandemic And Are Struggling To Cope With Feelings Of Loss, Grief Or Sadness.
  • You're Not Sure What To Do With Yourself, Your Life Plans Feel Like They're On Hold & You've Lost All Motivation and you feel like you are in groundhog day.

If any of that sounds familiar I understand the struggle you're going through, and I am especially feeling for you if you have lost a loved one.  These are indeed trying times and we need more than ever to find solid ground.  

I too have found myself struggling and spiralling at various points throughout this ever changing situation.  We've had to adapt in many ways, with the ever changing routine.  Also, my family and I have not only been unwell with the virus but we have also had loved ones going through very tough situations too.

On some level this struggle is normal when the circumstances of our world change so rapidly, and the mind tries to find balance. But...

...have you ever noticed that the more you get caught up in an anxious experience, the more you find yourself seeking answers and the more confused, anxious and exhausted you become?

One source says one thing. Another says something different. Which is right? Then you start looking at another source that claims to know the 'real truth', and you feel temporarily relieved. That is until the prediction of that source doesn't come true or another source appears and makes you doubt what they said. Then the whole cycle starts again.

It's an endless loop and it diminishes your sense of hope and wears you down.


Well from what I see we are looking to 'know' that we are okay. We 'think' we aren't feeling okay because of the changes to our external world. When that happens we become desperate to find a way to 'know' and understand how things are so that we can try and control our environment in the hope of regaining our peace.

Despite the infinite electronic information sources available to us now, it is becoming clear that this NEVER works. We will NEVER find our peace externally no matter how hard we try.


Right now it seems like life is inviting us to look in a different direction. We are being asked to stare in the face of the unknown and see it anew.

We've been conditioned to be afraid of this space. But what if 'not knowing' was actually a 'good' thing? What if it was a place of peace? What if it was a place of our deepest potential?

If this was true then we could get off the hamster wheel of searching and seeking from 'out there', and spend more time befriending the unknown.

Perhaps it's no coincidence that many of us are locked inside our physical houses. Instead of just waiting to get back physically outside, perhaps it's time to really heed the invitation to explore a much more solid and unchanging part of ourselves. The ground of our being. The ground of who we really are.

What kind of difference might it make to the way we interact with the external world if we could see that it didn't define our peace and wellbeing?

How much quieter would our minds be?

How much more space might there be for our creativity?

How much kinder and more helpful might we become to others stuck in their search for wellbeing, if we could see the innocence of it, and also understand that what we are looking for is within us all?  No-one and no-thing can take that away?

To help you find your own solid ground in these turbulent times, I have put together a programme which combines a recording of an online Finding Solid Ground Retreat I ran in early 2020 plus live support through my membership The Retreat.



Read what people who joined the Finding Solid Ground workshop in February shared about the experience:

A beautiful three days of sharing, listening and nurturing within the 3ps space. A welcome break from all the madness going on in the world right now. I always love hearing John’s down to earth approach to what might be showing up in our lives at any given time. I left the retreat with a huge sense of peace and well being and had the best nights sleep! (Dani D)

When I go back and listen to the replay I get a lot out of it too. It was a cosy and warm feeling for three days and a huge reinforcer of both my own progress and of the importance of Knowing vs. Thinking. I have found myself since the workshop applying more kindness to myself when I fall into thinking or worrying, remembering these are passengers on the bus and they will get off! (Anon)

"I learnt about myself, the space inside me, that transpires me and let me see that there is no need to be afraid, to doubt myself, to be right or wrong..." (anon)

Thank you John for putting on this workshop. It was wonderful to hangout with 25 plus friends from around the world to share and explore our experiences around about life. For me it was really nice to to see, hear and feel new little insights and remember how my normal is always okay. Thanks again. (Anthony D)


Whilst many of us continue to be locked away from the external world, I'd like to invite you to come on a 3 day virtual workshop to find that space of solid ground inside of you.

Given the unprecedented circumstances that we are in, I am committed to making this workshop available to as many people as possible.


Covered In The 3 Day Recording:

  • Day 1: Exploring the safety of the unknown. Why it's nothing to be feared, and why our experience of fear is also safe and normal.  We'll also explore how to cope with the feelings of grief, anxiety, sadness and depression with more grace and compassion.

  • Day 2: Awakening to our inner knowing and remembering that an intelligence is within us all that 'knows' and that can be relied on far more than our hamster wheel thinking.  We'll explore the nature of that Knowing, how to befriend it and trust it more, as the world continues to fluctuate.  

  • Day 3: Embracing the unknown.  Sometimes the most powerful part of any workshop.  Here you can bring whatever you like to the table as a way of showing the power of the unknown to unleash new insight and answers to our dilemma's and questions.

This virtual workshop is ideal for anyone struggling with: Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Panic Attacks, Self Doubt, Fear of Failure or the Future, Perfectionism

Nothing is off the table for discussion in the workshop. Now more than ever we are being called to see what is solid about us in the midst of our elevated fears, worries and concerns. It might seem scary and uncomfortable but the workshop is an ideal and safe space for you to explore this further and deepen your insights.


WORKSHOP RECORDING - upon signing up you will get instant access to the recording of the 3 day online retreat I ran in early 2020. You can work through these recordings in your own time.

THE RETREAT - a key part of this programme is the live aspect of being able to join my membership 'The Retreat'.


There is something different on offer here...

Attendees will undergo a deep exploration that unveils insights that have the potential to completely transform their lives. Not through changing habits, monitoring behaviours, creating routines or any other kind of 'strategy'.

Instead this workshop will introduce you to new perspectives, different ways of thinking and potential misunderstandings that are causing you problems. As a natural by product of listening to these conversations and your own self exploration you will find that things start to change in a far more effortless way than you've experienced previously.

What's On Offer For Attendees:

  • Where To Find Safety. I will help you look to a place within you that can ease those worries, reduce your anxious mind and make those fears less scary.

  • Self Reliance & Knowing. Discover a different way of approaching life that means no matter what is going in the world, you can access peace of mind.
  • Thriving Even In The Unknown. Explore the potential that you cannot see, so that even when others get stuck in times of uncertainty you have the innate ability to continue moving forward in life.

"I have a completely different experience of life now. Working with John allowed me to reclaim my life. The best part is, that the life I feel was returned to me is much easier and more enjoyable than anything I ever experienced before." (Gary Stine)


Your Purchase Includes:

  • Audio Recordings Of The 3.5 Day Finding Solid Ground Virtual Workshop With John
  • Access To The Retreat For 1 x Month (includes group call, submit 1 x question and Telegram community - click here for more info)

"The retreat was transformational for me, in the truest sense of the word...John really helped facilitate the space for me - to touch that which is within me that is always OK, grounded, peaceful and wise. I haven't been able to connect with this space for a while and it was so beautiful to be back there" (Lindsey E)


If you have any further questions please email [email protected]



John El-Mokadem (lead facilitator)

You are so much closer than you think to what you're looking for - improved health, wellbeing, connection, resilience and the expression of a deeper potential.

As someone who spent a lot of time learning tools and techniques, I've come to see that often they aren't required, and can in fact make us very busy-minded.   

More often it is simple and innocent misunderstandings that are at the route of our struggles.

I’m here to be a gentle, compassionate guide to help you to see more clearly.

I’m frequently humbled at the life changing transformations that I get to witness as people wake up from the misunderstandings that have been causing them to struggle.

It would be my pleasure to be able to share some of my learnings with you on this workshop and direct you towards your own innate place of wellbeing and safety.


Read what people who joined the Finding Solid Ground workshop in February shared about the experience:

To John I can’t thank you enough for an amazing insightful and very powerful weekend. It was such a lovely experience to be part of and I felt a lot of different emotions. It’s not in my nature to speak as I’m quite shy & self conscious but somehow I found myself putting my hand up. I guess your genuine honesty and compassion brought out the bravery in me and I felt safe to share even when feeling very vulnerable and self conscious. After the last call on the retreat I was suddenly struck with a deep sense of truly knowing my safety beneath all the busy suspicious noise in my head. I actually got a bit emotional, I didn’t see that coming, what was that? It was a very powerful emotion of gratitude. 25 years of on and off chronic physical pain & anxiety due to a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and I thought it was up to me to sort myself out. What a relief to know there is a much simpler way to finding peace no matter what. Since coming across the understanding that you teach, being part of the ‘Foundations of Health’ programme and attending the retreat my health has improved, my severe neck pain is abating, my anxiety is slowing shifting, and this has happened with no tools or techniques, AMAZING. I feel lighter and excited about life again. I’m starting to see through those sneaky thoughts that tell me ‘I can’t do something’ incase of the outcome of worse physical pain, I’m now seeing that this just isn’t true. Before I would have avoided some activities that I used to love doing. Now I’m doing them and the pain is lessening and I have so much more energy. We are so much more capable & resilient than we think we are and your words of wisdom & encouragement reveals this. For this I am forever grateful. I would wholeheartedly recommend doing a retreat with John. It’s hard to explain but even online there is an amazing energy felt. Xxx (Susan D)

No matter how long you have been in the understanding of the three principles, there is always more to see and attending The Finding Solid Ground workshop was a classic example of new insight after new insight. Running workshops in the time of Covid may have brought its challenges, but also the opportunities to be a part of an intimate group of people based all around the world and to share our stories and understanding. The Finding Solid Ground Workshop gave me the opportunity to join from my home in Hong Kong where I could attend live and be able to listen to the recordings after the workshop had ended. I will certainly be attending future workshops that John runs. His insight and sharing of the three principles allowed me to see so much deeper into the understanding of the three principles. (Ruth H)