Many of the clients I work with come to me with health related chronic illnesses. It was my own experience of overcoming CFS and various other illness that started me down a path to where I now help people experience similar amazing transformations as you can see from a selection of the amazing testimonials my clients have shared with me...

There’s no amount of money that could repay John for what he’s done for me…

Alison, CFS for 23 years

You have given me back my life and for that I will be eternally grateful. My Children now have a mother and my husband, a wife and that is huge. 

Julie-Anne - Former CFS Sufferer

Thank you! I am so grateful I think it’s just hit me suddenly. I’ve done it. I’ve got my life back!

Rebecca, CFS Sufferer

I no longer feel limited or hindered by my health in doing what I want to do. Moreover, I have already told a number of close family and friends that I consider myself to be fully healed. In such a short amount of time and after suffering with this illness for so many years.

C.B CFS Sufferer

“For years, I suffered from debilitating chronic pain. I saw every specialist, traditional and decidedly non-traditional, I tried every therapy, every procedure, every remedy, every medication anyone suggested. I found no relief of any kind. Quite frankly, I’d given up, and was convinced that the rest of my life would be nothing but a world of unrelenting pain. I’d become so utterly frustrated, I stopped looking for help. My wife suggested I speak with John El-Mokadem, whom she’d heard was tremendously helpful with just the sort of situation I found myself in.

I knew I could trust John right away. His gentle, warm, humorous style instantly made me feel I was with the person who could help point my life in a different direction. That was about six months ago. Today, most of my symptoms are gone or fading, and what’s left of the symptoms feel much less burdensome. Working with John allowed me to reclaim my life. The best part is, the life I feel was returned to me is much easier and more enjoyable than anything I ever experienced before. For anyone with chronic health issues, I recommend working with John with my whole heart.”

G.S, CFS Sufferer

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This understanding means my search is over. The release of that alone has changed me so much. My relationship with my husband has been saved, and that with my children is flourishing. Out for a run, eating chocolate, a drive on the motorway, a meal out with friends, a walk to school, bubbles of joy and unexpected laughter.…gradually these things are coming about. There is no trying. Like I said, it’s simple. The Foundations of Health programme is a beautiful place to hang out and be led to the truth. To a place of quiet and calm. John and Karen are deeply knowledgeable and their immense support is strong and genuine. This has been a profoundly life-changing experience and I will never look back.

Nicky H - CFS for 25 years

I no longer feel limited or hindered by my health in doing what I want to do.  Moreover, I have already told a number of close family and friends that I consider myself to be fully healed.  In such a short amount of time and after suffering with this illness for so many years.

C.B CFS Sufferer

“I’ve just booked a holiday for June with my boyfriend….I just sat here and had an OMG moment and burst into tears. We’re having a week in the South of France and i can’t believe I’ve just put the final piece into completing my list (of things that were not possible before the study)….I’m sat here crying so much because I’m overwhelmed. Thank You! … I am so grateful I think it’s just hit me suddenly…I’ve done it…I’ve got my life back”

R.S, CFS Sufferer, UK

John is a rare treasure in my book. Just being in his presence always makes a shift in my day. I find myself being myself and at ease around him. he is wonderful to work with. john is intuitive and wise and knows how to get the best out of people. i am forever grateful to have met him and worked with him and owe so much of my healing to him. Thank you John!

Jamie Wozny, Lyme disease, USA


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It has been true, real, funny and profoundly moving. It has opened me up to where I can see and understand where my experience of illness was coming from. All the managing, controlling, struggling and fearful monitoring of symptoms that used to take up all of my time, is melting effortlessly away. I can see how my body has been working tirelessly for me all along, how its intelligence and infinite wisdom has been keeping me safe. Without all that static, my mind is clearer and more peaceful and my body is starting to heal. I’m coming to life again and feel happy to notice how much space is opening up for me to consider doing stuff that I had given up all hope of ever being able to do. I’m more grateful to you than I can say”


The massive change in my state of mind has led to a level of clarity, peace and contentment which is beyond anything I could have hoped for. I’ve experienced more joy, more fun and the greatest sense of calm I’ve felt in years. I have been able to navigate what would otherwise have seemed like some pretty challenging and stressful situations, in both a professional and a personal context, with more grace than I would have thought possible. I cannot recommend John highly enough.

Sarah - Managing Partner

With his warm and engaging conversation John deeply listens but has a knack of pointing you back to where your experience comes from. His style of coaching is tangential to ‘traditional’ styles of coaching and I found my brain being ‘short circuited’ on my first session! But from that place of settled down thinking emerged a beautiful and quiet wisdom. As a direct result I have experienced massive leaps in both my feelings of calm and wellbeing and also in my professional performance. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Katie Duncan - Commercial Airline Pilot

“I know from my time on CFS forums that there are people who want this disease to be incurable, and will say that anyone who has recovered was misdiagnosed. The politics of having a debilitating condition that wasn’t taken seriously by most people in the medical profession for decades are fierce, and feelings run high. They would look at what I’ve written and say that I’m saying that CFS is all in the mind. That really isn’t it. The inflammation, the pain, the heaviness and the weird neurological stuff that made people think I was drunk when I was tired – they were real. But they aren’t dominating my life any more, and they are receding. I am getting me back. My creative instincts and my sense of humour are returning. And I’m so grateful.”

Nicky - CFS Sufferer

“John is a warm, caring coach with a calm and grounded approach that has allowed me to explore some deep fears and worries in a completely safe space. He has remarkable insight and sees the innate health in his clients – his certainty allowed me to open up to experiencing that wellness for myself. I would recommend John to anyone suffering with a chronic health condition, or anyone wanting a better experience of life.”


“It’s ME Awareness Day and so I have the perfect opportunity to thank the incredible John El-Mokadem. I worked with him on a research study which led to my full recovery. At the start of the study, I listed things that seemed impossible to do. 8 weeks later, I had tears of gratitude pour down my face as I realised not only had I done them, but they seemed irrelevant as I no longer feel restricted. If anyone with ME is reading this, speak to him! I will be forever grateful to you, John.”


“You have given me back my life and for that I will be eternally gratefully. My children now have a mother and my husband, a wife and that is huge. What an incredible journey it has been. From day one I was lucky enough to be given proof of everything you were saying which made believing you so easy. I knew that this was going to be the thing that would ‘make’ me better and I wasn’t wrong!! Every now and then I feel myself welling up, I just can’t believe I’m better! I went for a 5km on Friday, I’ve never done that in my life! Funny I never actually ran before I was sick but when you “can’t” do something it makes you want to do it even more. I joined a running group on Facebook a while ago as I thought it might inspire me while I was “sick”. I can now call myself a runner”.


“I started working with John at a particularly difficult time in my life. I had suffered from anxiety and depression for over 20 years and had found my world becoming smaller and smaller. I was stuck in a very dark place when we met but found that each time I spoke to John he would flick a switch in my brain enabling me to see things very differently. I found John to be extremely kind, patient and understanding. He could see quite clearly how my thinking was tripping me up, enabling me to look at how I was using my thinking to create my own experience. I can say with all honestly that John genuinely wanted to help ease my suffering and went out of his way to support me in between coaching sessions. Since working with John the depression has lifted and I have started living my life again. My mind has quietened and I am feeling calmer once more, being able to let go of worry and control. I would recommend John to anyone who is currently feeling ‘stuck’ in any form of anxiety, worry or low mood, who is looking to understand how their thinking and life really works. Thank you John”




“Transformational is a powerful description and in my opinion commonly overused, but the two and a half days I spent in intensive 1:1 coaching with John proved to be truly transformational. The massive change in my state of mind that has followed has led to a level of clarity, peace and contentment which is beyond anything I could have hoped for. I’ve experienced more joy, more fun and the greatest sense of calm I’ve felt in years. I have been able to navigate what would otherwise have seemed like some pretty challenging and stressful situations, in both a professional and a personal context, with more grace than I would have thought possible. I cannot recommend John highly enough.”

S.M - Company Director

“Over the last 13 years I have had the opportunity to work with hundred of coaches, John is without doubt one of the best. He is equipped with all the fundamentals which in my mind make a great coach, he is empathetic, curious, challenging, non judgmental and most of all listens well enough to actually SEE the person he is coaching. John has found a way to use his considerable intellect in harmony with his intuition which means I always feel I am having a conversation rather than being at the receiving end of a formulaic coaching process. Whilst he has numerous qualifications, models, books, theories, courses at his disposal he is not attached to any of them, choosing instead to focus in the moment on the conversation and the person he is with. John is all the stronger for recognising his own human frailties, and has real courage in offering real person experiences that help him connect to the people he works with. As director of Zoom, having worked with over 80 companies around the world, I would always recommend John to anyone truly seeking to make a transformation in there personal and professional life.”

B.H Business Owner, UK.

"At the time of during the Foundations of Health course in 2019 I was in acute pain with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder which causes high levels of persistent pain and a range of other symptoms, and this was preceded by several years of very limited mobility after a freak injury to my foot and two foot operations.

I had listened to a couple of podcasts with John, and then John and Karen, and felt touched by what I was hearing so signed up for the course.

Whilst doing the course I did a lot of listening and could see how my intense fear of pain and the meaning I was giving to my circumstances was a big factor in the difficulties I was having, including the pain. Whilst listening to John and Karen I experienced quietness and peace, but continued with a my obsessive vigilance about pain and my symptoms, and how it was affecting my life.

The real changes have come sometime after doing the course. After a third foot operation and finding specialist support for CRPS I have really settled down with where I am, I as still in a lot of pain but this isn’t the main feature of my life anymore as it was for over the four previous years. And life has really opened up for me, my functioning has improved, I now have a part time job, I am learning to walk again and can walk very short distances without crutches. I am able to respond to rehabilitation support in a positive way whereas before it had been impacted by my fear of pain.

All in all life feels in a much better place for me. I am still joining in with the conversation and hearing something each time I listen, the insights keep coming. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey and learning. As John rightly says we are always a student.”

Sally C

One word to describe how my life has changed “remarkably”. John El-Mokadem had suggested the course be approached with an open mind and furthermore to “Unlearn all I had previously learned in the past” in order to benefit from the intervention. This process included not practicing Vigilance a trait inbuild in me. I now realise. My body has the ability to heal despite and because I have in the most, relinquished what I perceived to be control. Do I still get tired? Yes. Do I still get discomfort and other physical symptoms? Yes. Do I still have concerns? Of course I do.  I am after all human. However, I no longer allow my head to get really busy worrying about these issues. I now know I can be symptomatic and also be well. My previous fears for the future have gone.


This week I drove eight miles with passengers. I got slightly revved up but knew it would pass and it did. This is massive for me - driving especially with passengers would have been impossible ☺️ I actually enjoyed my coffee without thinking about the drive back! I felt like a genuine adult!

On Friday night I started thinking that I should go running the next day and started arguing with myself saying I couldn’t be bothered. I left it just knowing I would either go or I wouldn’t. In the morning I got up and ran my fastest (still very slow) 5km (I have never done exercise in my life apart from reluctantly at school and have in the last year trained on the couch to 5k programme). However, I found myself thinking that despite the massive changes there was still a lot of residual stress in my body - pulsing head, buzzing body, palpitations etc and that I needed to get rid of them. I tried meditating and breathing and then had this feeling that I was taking myself further away from finding peace. I have since left well alone, haven’t intervened, and can almost sense my body trying to return peace on its own.

This time last year I was suicidal, I now feel hope and gratitude. Thank you xxx

Hi everyone, after years of illness, including brainfog, feeling extremely volatile, no concentration whatsoever, confusion, bad sleep, pain etc, today I feel as though i'm back in the world!!, i'm present again, its as though the world has slowed down, it feels normal, it feels safe. I can hold a conversation, and most of all i'm smiling and feel as though I have a future. I feel a peace that I haven't felt for 20 years. Much love to you all. xxx


What I heard in your message today was in order to "help" someone, I need to be present, accepting, loving.  I don't need to have the exact words to say or think I need to share some deep wisdom I've seen with them, but rather hold a safe space for them.  Thank you again for sharing this.  You have helped me so much on my life journey.  Just this week, I was thinking, "Wow!  I really don't think about pain much any more.  Heck, I don't feel it as much either."  This is HUGE for me!  I thought I would never, ever be one of the people who can say those words.  The words thank you cannot even begin to express the gratitude I feel for you and this understanding.  May God bless you and your lovely family.  Love, Anne

For anyone struggling, hang in there. I think it was sept last year when I joined the FOH program. It’s taken a while but I can honestly say looking back I see now that so much has improved. The pain I so desperately want to go, hasn’t fully disappeared however the desperation for it to be gone has fallen away & in fact In other areas I have gained so much more clarity & peace . My need to control & manage everything is no more & with that comes less stress, irritability & frustration. I no longer obsess about everything needing to be perfect (whatever perfect is). I used to live my day with such urgency on such a busy schedule, I felt like I was always frantically striving to do the next task, never in the moment. The house had to be perfect (for who?), my work load was always mounting & I felt I could never say no or I’d be letting someone down. I felt like I had to do everything (not true, in fact my husband was always offering help which I would turn down, why?), WHY I felt the need to be such a martyr, I don’t know. No wonder I was flippin sore, exhausted & stressed a lot. Today I realized OMG I haven’t obsessed about the house in weeks, it’s not dirty, just a little untidy & I DON’T CARE (I have kids, a job, a dog, a husband) so what if the house is untidy. Im saying no to some work stuff & it’s not an issue. I’m driving & loving it, I no longer grasp the wheel like I’m taking a tiger in the back seat. I actually now find driving relaxing & I’m taking different routes to work & going on the motorway. In fact I have to hold myself back from driving like a formula one driver. I’m still sore & in some pain albeit less but honestly it’s not really stressing me out like it used to, I’m so much calmer less anxious & sooo much more relaxed. I’ve stopped waiting for the pain to go & I’m just getting on with life. I’m starting a course in August which I procrastinated about for years, I’m practicing Yoga again, I’m making plans without any thinking or making excuses why I shouldn’t & wholeheartedly I’m feeling grateful & loving life. I have good days & bad days but the good are starting to outweigh the bad. Hang in there if your struggling. Slow & steady wins the race. THANK YOU to everyone in this lovely FOH community your words of wisdom & support have given me much more than I signed up for.




John has an incredible heart and shows genuine interest in helping his clients get healthier--physically, mentally, and spiritually. His ability to listen deeply and respond with what shows up for him in the moment makes him a great coach and teacher. I always appreciate his candor, as well as his ability to be both positive and realistic at the same time. John challenges me in incredible ways but is always supportive of where I'm at in any given moment. I would recommend anyone of my friends or family to work with John.


A beautiful three days of sharing, listening and nurturing within the 3ps space. A welcome break from all the madness going on in the world right now. I always love hearing John’s down to earth approach to what might be showing up in our lives at any given time. I left the retreat with a huge sense of peace and well being and had the best nights sleep!


John is simply a wonderful teacher. His explorations and explanations about the human experience really resonated with me. He has a way of asking questions and pointing to the direction that allows you to see it for yourself where the experience is coming from. The process of thought and its limitations. His way of teaching three principles helps you to find that truth for you self and what a gift that is.


Thank you John for putting on this workshop. It was wonderful to hangout with 25 plus friends from around the world to share and explore our experiences around about life. For me it was really nice to to see, hear and feel new little insights and remember how my normal is always okay. Thanks again.


Just words of praise for the retreat that John organised during the weekend with the assistance of Paul, Nicola Bird and the rest of the participants that were there. I learnt from absolutely everybody that spoke in the retreat. But above all I learnt about myself, the Space inside me, that transpires me and let me see that there is no need to be afraid, to doubt myself, to be right or wrong, to be in this level of consciousness or a higher one or a lower one as it expands in all directions, the Ever Space that makes unnecessary to look for reasons to what my humanness perceives as a problem. The Space that in its transience allows me to see the power in it, the calmness, the relieve, the enjoyment, the easiness, the worthiness of being human that I tend to forget. I definitely feel a part of me has been uncovered. Thank you to everybody.

To John I can’t thank you enough for an amazing insightful and very powerful weekend. It was such a lovely experience to be part of and I felt a lot of different emotions. It’s not in my nature to speak as I’m quite shy & self conscious but somehow I found myself putting my hand up. I guess your genuine honesty and compassion brought out the bravery in me and I felt safe to share even when feeling very vulnerable and self conscious. After the last call on the retreat I was suddenly struck with a deep sense of truly knowing my safety beneath all the busy suspicious noise in my head. I actually got a bit emotional, I didn’t see that coming, what was that? It was a very powerful emotion of gratitude. 25 years of on and off chronic physical pain & anxiety due to a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and I thought it was up to me to sort myself out. What a relief to know there is a much simpler way to finding peace no matter what. Since coming across the understanding that you teach, being part of the ‘Foundations of Health’ programme and attending the retreat my health has improved, my severe neck pain is abating, my anxiety is slowing shifting, and this has happened with no tools or techniques, AMAZING. I feel lighter and excited about life again. I’m starting to see through those sneaky thoughts that tell me ‘I can’t do something’ incase of the outcome of worse physical pain, I’m now seeing that this just isn’t true. Before I would have avoided some activities that I used to love doing. Now I’m doing them and the pain is lessening and I have so much more energy. We are so much more capable & resilient than we think we are and your words of wisdom & encouragement reveals this. For this I am forever grateful. I would wholeheartedly recommend doing a retreat with John. It’s hard to explain but even online there is an amazing energy felt. Xxx


No matter how long you have been in the understanding of the three principles, there is always more to see and attending The Finding Solid Ground workshop was a classic example of new insight after new insight. Running workshops in the time of Covid may have brought its challenges, but also the opportunities to be a part of an intimate group of people based all around the world and to share our stories and understanding. The Finding Solid Ground Workshop gave me the opportunity to join from my home in Hong Kong where I could attend live and be able to listen to the recordings after the workshop had ended. I will certainly be attending future workshops that John runs. His insight and sharing of the three principles allowed me to see so much deeper into the understanding of the three principles.


John facilitates such a beautiful space through his own connectedness and wisdom. He shares with humour, joy, such sensitivity and grace. By sharing many examples from his own experience, John allows others to connect to a sense that our human-ness is perfectly OK, even if it isn't the place to look for answers. The retreat was transformational for me, in the truest sense of the word, in that my own direct experience of myself changed over the course of the weekend. John really helped facilitate the space for me (and I suspect others in our lovely, lovely group) to touch that which is within me that is always OK, grounded, peaceful and wise. I haven't been able to connect with this space for a while and it was so beautiful to be back there. Thank you John x



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