Being Stronger Together

Feb 03, 2022

Some years ago, during my NLP days, we were given an exercise to stand apart from each other and hold our arms outstretched horizontally as long as we possibly could.

At the time I was quite a physically strong person, and was very much in the idea that results were ‘up to me’. When I did the exercise it was hard and I remember seeing others pushing through, arms shaking as their muscles got sore and tired.

I did my best to push through and secretly had a sense of pride at my personal strength despite how hard it became.

Then after a little while we were told to move closer together and at some point we all started to realise that the exercise was so much easier when we rested our hands on each other’s shoulders.

It was a powerful moment for me - the realisation that we are part of a system and are not ‘islands’. It opened me up to the idea that it might be okay to both give AND receive help.

I wonder, as times get increasingly more complex, if perhaps it might be time to question how much of it is really up to me?

In the video above I share a real life experience of seeing this metaphor in action, click above to watch.

Love John



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