How Can I Begin To Navigate All This Change & Uncertainty Going On?

Dec 21, 2020

Hi there, I hope this finds you safe and well.

Back in December 2020 I was having a chat with my dad and chewing the fat over the state of the world. Whilst we were chatting he asked me a rhetorical question which was: “I wonder what you would say to someone looking at the world right now and how you would coach them”?

It got the cogs in my mind churning!

From what I see the world is in the midst of a major change. Right now here in the UK we have had our world turned upside down again with further sudden restrictions and changes because of Covid-19.

It's been tough for all of us, and part of what has gotten many through all these changes is the thought of normality returning. But there seems to be no sign of that. No sign of a regular Christmas. No sign of being able to celebrate with friends and family. No sign of that PS5 for our kids that we ordered ages ago for their Christmas present.

When will it end? When will normal return?

Well...What if it isn't going back to what it was?

What if it was time for us to think about letting go of some of these old concepts / traditions and dogmas and allowing something new to form?

Many of my clients, including myself, have gone through miniature versions of this realisation. At some point, we've had everything stripped away from us and then suffered by clinging on to our old sense of self before accepting that we had to grow. Is it comfortable? No. Is it a good thing? Invariably yes. But it is usually only seen that way after a period of time.

Right now it seems to me that humanity is facing such a decision point.

In the spirit of this, I've made the video above that on this occasion breaks the mould of what I might normally share. It’s not the kind of answer I might normally give and there’s much more to share that addresses the rhetorical question that my dad asked me. I've shared what I have because (for a reason I share on the video), today I feel like giving a different answer. It also seems to support what I have been seeing both anecdotally and with my clients. Perhaps right now, all of us could benefit with questioning all of the things that we have clung to as being true?

Hoping you all have a lovely and peaceful Christmas wherever you are. It’s been my pleasure to be of service and I will do my best to do the same over the coming year too!!!

Lots of love,



Here are some of the resources I mention in the video for you to go and explore so you can see what makes sense for you:

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