Letting Go Of The Old & Creating Something New

Jun 25, 2022

I hope you're doing well. I have a little story and insight to share with you today, one that might make you laugh.

It follows a conversation with a client who was exploring the idea of letting go of a part of their business. Understandably they were feeling apprehensive about what might happen if they did let go - something I'm sure we've all had experience of in various ways over the past few years.

It might seem like these moments take some sort of leap of faith, and while that might on some level seem true I have also come to see that there is something more solid that we can metaphorically hang our hats on in these situations.

Following the client call I had my own experience of letting go and it highlighted this other way of navigating these situations so well that I recorded today's video sharing it.

If you find this video helpful you might also find my upcoming webinar called Effort-Less interesting, click below to find out more and register for free if it's of interest.

Sending lots of love.



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