What If It's Really OK To Be You?

helping others performance Sep 08, 2022

Hi everyone,

Recently I've had a lot of people asking me for help with building their coaching practices and increasing the impact they have with clients.

Often when people are at this stage of wanting to create something - whether it's a coaching practice, a business or something else that others have already created on some level, we look to them and what they did as if the path they took was the magic recipe to achieve what we think we are looking for.

Coaches often get caught in the trap of thinking that they need a website, to start blogging or making videos or to come up with a fancy name for ourselves and what we do.


But I know successful coaches who don't have websites, blogs or make videos. I know some that love learning about and implementing marketing strategies. Some, like me, quickly tire of anything marketing related, and hire others to help them or organically find their way of getting out there in a way that feels right to them.

From what I can see, we are all a unique expression with different interests, paths and preferences.

What worked for one will not necessarily work for others and if we try shoehorn ourselves into doing things that we don't want to do, we will quickly exhaust ourselves and lose our love for what we want to do.

There are infinite numbers of ways of showing up to life. Part of the path is about realising this I think. But another part is about BEING REAL, which is what today's video is about.

You see, in the same way it seems to me that we forget that there are a million ways of creating things, we also forget that we don't have to be like someone else in what we do or share. We just have to be ourselves. And that is often where the work needs to be with people wanting to create. So often we are ashamed of who we are. But what if what we are ashamed of about ourselves are the seeds of our power?

Hope you enjoy the video.


John x


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