How Can We Widen Our Own (And Others) Perspective?

Dec 13, 2021

I've been working with some coaches that I am mentoring today, and one of the themes that came up is:

"How can we help others to widen their perspective and see things that might look obvious to us but don't to them"

It's an interesting question especially since the above is part of the remit of a coach!

But it's actually relevant for all of us, whether you are are a parent trying to help your child, a co-worker trying to help your colleague to grow into something new or you know that there is 'an elephant in the room' in your own life but have been unable to bring yourself to look at that thing.  

Often, as a coach, I don't need to share 'what I see' about the 'elephant' or even point to it directly.  In fact, there's nothing to say that what I am seeing about their life is what they necessarily need to see anyway!

Instead, it seems to me that I just need to get people curious about what holds people, in general, back from seeing a wider perspective and point them to expand their understanding of why they are safe to look and see what's there.

As they become more equipped to look, they will naturally see more of what they need to see without us ever speaking of the 'elephant' itself.

Today's video speaks to a key ingredient in what I see enables people to expand their perspective.  

If you liked this video and found it helpful, I'd be grateful if would consider sharing it with friend's, family or loved ones.  Thank you so much!

Sending lots of love,

John x


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