For Those Of You Questioning EVERYTHING You Learned About Yourself And The World You Live In.

It's Time To Remember Your Sovereignty And Your Power & Let Go Of All That You Are Not...

One To One Conversations With John El-Mokadem.

This won’t be for everyone and that’s okay. You’ll Know if it’s for you.

We’ve been living in a conditioned reality. A Matrix of beliefs, ideas and concepts that has been programmed into us from the moment we incarnate on this planet. From my perspective, forgetting who we really are and living is as if these ideas and concepts, and the system that programs them into us, are true is the Third dimensional reality.

And it’s important to say there is nothing wrong with this. It’s a legitimate part of the human experience and part of how the Spirit behind life can choose to experience itself.

But I believe that we, as a collective, are evolving out of this paradigm. The planet and its inhabitants are ascending - raising in vibration and frequency. As that happens, many of us are becoming more and more aware that what has been programmed into us are limitations. Boxes, if you like, that stop us from seeing our shared Spiritual Essence, our Divinity and how powerful we really are. As we evolve we are becoming more aware that this matrix of ideas may not, anymore, actually be in alignment with who we are becoming.

As we see through these programmed ideas, and the system which attempts to perpetuate them, our concept of ourselves begins to fall apart:

  • Friendships drop.
  • Our old work no longer makes sense.
  • We start to question literally everything that we see and do and wonder what the point of life really is.
  • We search for information about everything that is going on in the world from every kind of news source in an effort to find what is objectively 'true' only to feel frustrated because we never seem to quite get the answer that we are looking for.
  • It often feels lonely.
  • We question if we are crazy and for those that aren’t yet in this process, they will often label you as such, which makes us question ourselves even more. Many of us begin to get a sense that we actually came here to help during these times on earth, even though we may not quite remember what we are here to do, and constantly question who we are to even think such a thing.
  • We may recall past lives or start remembering or saying things that don’t make sense to our old identities and yet feel strangely familiar and relevant.
  • We may begin to experience strange physical symptoms and sensations that aren’t identified or treated by traditional medicine and which ebb and flow.
  • Perhaps our awakening has been triggered by the diagnosis of a health condition or some other 'shock' that has jolted us awake.  

This collapsing is like a bridge - The Fourth Dimension. A transient state akin to a tunnel that we go through as these old ideas fall apart and we shed that third dimensional conditioning and all the ideas, concepts and identities associated with it.  

The ultimate end of this journey of awakening, as I see it, is the fully embodied reclaiming of our Sovereignty. A relinquishing of all identities and programmed concepts and a willingness to settle into the unknown and create in the moment. As we do we begin to remember that in that space resides our Highest and Best Self and from what I see it knows better than any external source or idea was is best for us AND the Collective that we all belong to.  

This, for me, is the steady state of Being in the Fifth Dimension.  

I’m on this journey myself.  AND if you are feeling a resonance with what I have written then chances are you are too.  

You’ll likely know how uncomfortable and lonely it can be.  

Maybe you've tried holding on to aspects of your old self.  

But you've also come to realise that there’s no going back.  

Once you’ve swallowed the metaphorical ‘red pill’ the process is underway and can’t be stopped.  

If this describes you then I am here for you…



I’ve been on the awakening journey on some level since I was a teenager and it has only accelerated over the last few years. Many of the insights I was able to share with my coaching clients and which were helpful to them were a result of me breaking free from the mainstream conditioned thinking.

And I am still willing and able to share those insights.

BUT as I see it, times have changed (or at least I have).  For those of us on this path, the journey to the new paradigm requires us to reclaim our Sovereignty.

And there’s a risk in the old coach / client model that clients can begin to look to a coach or teacher in such a way that it can undermine their power and sovereignty.

As if the coach is somehow the expert on your life.

Or their reassurance is somehow important validation.

And that dynamic is something that is not okay with me.

Because I am NOT the expert on your or your life. No external source is.

YOU are the expert on YOU.

Even though you may have been judged for thinking differently. Even though you might feel like the odd one out. The time has come for those of us on this journey to own what we see even though we may have spent our whole lives being outcast or ridiculed for seeing what we did.

The process of ascension is, as I see it, a process of shedding. A letting go of all that is not in alignment with our Highest Self and a journey of beginning to fully trust ourselves and our creative power.

So if you want to work with me there’s a few conditions:

You need to be willing to shed any sense of victim consciousness and open up to your power.  

You need to be willing to learn how to be uncomfortable since change requires both a shift in mental AND physical consciousness.  

You need to Know on some level (or be willing to come alive to the fact) that YOU have the ability to have insight and that all insights ultimately come from your own connection to your Higher Self.

AND that I am NOT your Guru or 'know it all' teacher.

In fact your journey so far probably has you questioning all teachers anyway!!

And if you aren’t yet, then you should, even if you choose to work with me.

So what’s the point of working with me? Well I am a fellow traveller.

Someone who will bear witness to your journey.

I will actually, perhaps for the first time, SEE you as you are with an open heart and mind. Without the judgement that you have either carried about yourself or that you’ve been handed by the matrix.

What good is that? Well years ago when my journey first began I had no-one to ’see' me. I spent years feeling like an outcast - someone who must be crazy for seeing things so differently. My progress was slow and I lived in a sea of doubt. I ended up working with a therapist and one day was explaining something to him that many people had labelled me as crazy for seeing. And he said to me:

“Are you sure you are not the sane one?”

I responded somewhat surprised: “Is that even an option”?

So ingrained in the idea that I must be crazy and that I was somehow stupid (I had been told this for years at school) it was a relief to have someone say to me, for the first time, that I wasn’t. It was the beginning of me really owning my journey, settling down and trusting my own intuition, even when it went against the grain. I had begun to reclaim my power.

I think it’s fair to say that nearly all of the insights that I have had since that have proved useful have gone against the mainstream matrix conditioning. This experience is what I can bring to the table for you. When we are seen, without judgement, we settle down. We take the noise and protests of our conditioned mind, and the discomfort that arises when we go against it, less seriously, and are able to hear our Higher Selves more clearly. That’s what allows us to move on from the third dimensional conditioning and transmute the discomfort as it collapses. The loving presence I can bring acts a as clear mirror for you to see the truth brought to you from your Higher Self, allowing it to integrate and become more embodied.

This is why it is so important for me to change how I work with people. I am not here to give you my answers and my insights as if they are 'The Truth'. It's more important for you to be 'Seen' so that you can begin to own your own truth. At best, the insights that I will share with you are merely reference points for you to check in against and see what comes alive in you from your own connection to your Higher Self.

This is For You If...

You are experiencing this process of shedding and want someone to see you without the judgements that you have carried or have been conditioned into you.

You are questioning (or at least open to the possibility of questioning) everything you know about yourself and this world.

You feel frustrated because no matter how hard you try to find answers out in the world, those answers never seem to be satisfying or enough.

You want to find a new way of being in the world. One that truly serves both yourself AND the collective. Perhaps you've been fighting to try and 'save' others and are beginning to wonder if it's really effective. What if they don't need saving? What if you can simply be in your process and that could make all the difference?

You've started to experience physical symptoms that have no conventional explanation, or perhaps you've started to notice changes in you intuitive sense or ability to 'Know' things even though you haven't been trained in the things you are having insight into.

You've experienced fear around some of the things that you have had to navigate in the matrix (particularly in the last few years) and are wondering how you will stay true to yourself and still be able to engage with the world.

You get confused when you hear conflicting ideas from different teachers and begin to doubt your own process.

You feel more in the unknown than you have ever felt and are wondering how to ground yourself when so little of your old world makes sense.

You've got the strange sense that you came here for this time period, but question yourself and wonder why this would be true or what the purpose of that would be.

You've found yourself losing interests in material things and feel a calling for something bigger and more meaningful.



(Sarah Dunham Wilson)


The focus here is to help you on the exploration that you're already on. Perhaps you find yourself stuck or looking for clarity about a specific aspect of your journey or simply know there is more to see. Together we will explore and see where the conversation takes us...


The spiritual path is one full of uncertainties, new questions and complexities which are answered not in ancient manuscripts or gurus but from a unique place that lies within each of us. This inner knowing guides the way for all that are willing to look...


When we judge or disown parts of ourselves or others, it can offer us the opportunity to see more of who we truly are underneath the noise of our conditioning. Come and explore the gift that might lie underneath your judgement from a space of loving compassion.


These changing times present us all an opportunity to step up and into a truer version of ourselves.

 One which we have always sense was there, yet kept hidden for fear of rejection or judgement. Explore what might be holding you back from shining more brightly...


Explore what you're really here to do and how you can succeed at those key things you do choose to commit your time to.  

Work through letting go of old ways and ideas of 'high performance' and get curious about manifestation and your power to access the quantum field of possibility.


In a world that is changing so quickly and unexpected things happening more frequently it is understandable that at times we might feel like the rug has been pulled from underneath us.

And yet, even with all this going on there is the potential for us to be at peace...


Why is it some things can feel effortless one day and not the next? Why do some parts of our lives just thrive while others no matter how hard we try never really get better?

Explore what is underneath those effort-less moments and what misunderstandings might be keeping you efforting...


In such turbulent times it is common to want to help and make a difference, be it as a coach, a friend or partner.

Come and explore the he-art of making a difference and some of the misunderstandings that might be limiting your ability to make a deeper and more positive impact in the world. 


Are you beginning to notice things in the world which may have seemed one way but are actually another? This can be a challenging and uncomfortable experience for people.

Come and explore what is solid no matter how unsure you are of what is ‘true’ about the world.


Chronic health challenges are frequently a wake up call for us to shed old identities and own and integrate with higher versions of ourselves.  

In engaging with this exploration, at the very least a greater sense of freedom and wellbeing is available.  But frequently the shedding of these identities also results in a letting go of chronic health issues also.  


The point of being ‘seen’ is to allow you to begin to drop the resistance to how you are beginning to see yourself and the world at large.

What might result from this might vary for each person according to their personal process.  However, in general, you can expect to find yourself...

  • More present and grounded with a greater sense of flow
  • More in touch with your intuition and a willingness to trust your inner nudges
  • Greater sense of wellbeing and coherence in your physical body which can set the stage for improved health.
  • A sense of freedom from no longer needing to hide
  • Willingness to ride our the emotional highs and lows as your old conditioned self and it's attachments fall away
  • Greater synchronicities
  • A greater degree of faith / trust in yourself and your individual process
  • Less resistance to physical symptoms as you begin to calibrate when they relate to energetic changes.  


If having read all the above you feel a Knowing to have a conversation with me, please complete the form below.  Sessions will become available in the near future, and at that point I will send you an explaining how you can get booked in.   and I'll email you whe on the link below to be taken to a short questionnaire, and a payment link.  Once we have received your answers and payment, Paul will reach out to you with some options for speaking.    

Please note that given how much the energies tend to fluctuate on a daily basis, you might be offered sessions at short notice via text / email.  You will need to provide your mobile number at the time of booking to facilitate this.  Similarly sessions might need to be cancelled at short notice too.  There will be no penalty if you need to cancel - but if it happens repeatedly, we will need to re-evaluate if a conversation is an energetic match.    

This is a new way I am seeking to work with clients from a place of the unknown and allowing the energetics of your reach out and our collective in the moment Knowing take over to decide when to talk. 

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want a guru or expert to tell you what is true for you.
  • Your aren't ready to shed your ideas of being a victim.
  • You haven't on some level started to question everything you know about yourself and the world that you live in.
  • You find it hard to be triggered without projecting your discomfort onto others
  • You are coming to the conversation with an expectation of a specific outcome happening.


If having read all the above you feel a Knowing to have a conversation with me, please complete the form below to register your interest.  Sessions will become available in the near future, and at that point I will send you an email explaining how you can get booked in.

I look forward to helping you remember your-Self!

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This is NOT for you if:

  • You want a guru or expert to tell you what is true for you.
  • Your aren't ready to shed your ideas of being a victim.
  • You haven't on some level started to question everything you know about yourself and the world that you live in.
  • You find it hard to be triggered without projecting your discomfort onto others
  • You are coming to the conversation with an expectation of a specific outcome happening.