What If You Are Far More Capable Than You Think?

finding solid ground May 14, 2021

Have you noticed how we all walk around with ideas about ourselves that feel solid and objectively true.  Some examples might include:

  • "I'm shy"
  • "I'm anxious"
  • "I'm a high achiever"
  • "I'm weak"
  • "I'm a happy person"
  • "I'm healthy/sick"

Many of these ideas about ourselves have been conditioned into us from a young age.  They've been there for so long that we assume that they are actually accurate reflections of ourselves.

But are they?

What if they are not as solid as you thought?

What if they are actually unconscious limitations that block us from exploring what we are really capable of creating?  

What if the current transition that we are all going through is really inviting us to go deeper and see past our limited ideas of ourselves?

In today's video I share a recent experience of a situation where I initially felt stuck, but which actually opened up an opportunity for me to see through some of my own limited ideas about myself.  I also share what consequently became possible as a result.  

Click the button below to hear me share more about this and how you can begin to explore this for yourself.

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Lots of love,

John x



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