Can Two Things Be True At The Same Time In The Same Situation? (Real Life Example)...

This is a follow on from my last video (How To Find Your Way Through Contradictory Viewpoints:

In this video I wanted to share a recent example of finding myself going back to meditation - a practice that for me had largely fallen away after I learned about the 3 Principles.

The insight I share in this video is a big reason why I don't align myself to any particular personal development or spiritual paradigm and is why I see that there is truth in all the different paradigms that get shared, depending on where we are contextually and in our journey's.

As a result, you may find engaging with my material (and others) over time that there may be contradictions in my shares. The insight shared in this video explains why and emphasises why you should ALWAYS check in with your own intuition and knowing when engaging with any of my shares, and trust YOUR insights over mine.

I hope you find this helpful.

With love,

John x

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