Sleep Or Insomnia Problems? Here's Some Thoughts That Might Help...

I know many are having sleep problems at the moment. We are in particularly intense energies and as our bodies integrate these energies they are affecting the sleep patterns for many of us, which can be quite concerning.

For years I worked with clients with Chronic Fatigue. You would think that improving sleep would be a big part of what would help people with their predicament. But in the published research I conducted, we saw people improve their fatigue, physical wellbeing, anxiety and depression symptoms without any statistically significant improvements in their sleep disturbances.

(My published research article on chronic fatigue is here:

In this video I share some thoughts about what I have found helps me, and others I have worked with, be less concerned and more energised when facing insomnia or lack of sleep.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please ensure that you check any physical symptoms with a qualified doctor. This video should NOT be taken as medical advice as I am not a doctor and it is shared as my own personal experience for informational purposes only.

I hope you find this helpful.

Love, John x

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