The Need For Love & Kindness Right Now

finding solid ground May 29, 2021

As the world continues to transition and shift, more and more of our shadow is being pushed to the surface to be looked at.  

I'm seeing how easy it is for us to dismiss the level of change that we are collectively going through and try and push through with things, and then beat ourselves up if we don't achieve what we think we should.  

Perhaps you've found yourself doing one of the following recently:

  • Giving yourself a hard time for not doing more
  • Comparing yourself negatively to others or how you showed up pre 2020
  • Criticising yourself for not being as productive or motivated as you think you should be right now
  • Putting undue pressure on yourself to 'catch up'
  • Falling back into old destructive patterns, thinking or habits

If any of the above sounds familiar, then please check out the video above.

In it, I also share a bit about some of the astrological influences that are currently influencing us through the whole of 2021.  When you hear about the history of similar astrological alignments, it may not surprise you if you've found yourself showing up differently or if you have been finding it hard to navigate things the way that you once did.  

I'm hoping this video might help to normalise your experience somewhat and allow a space for yo to experience more loving kindness for yourself, and also others who are going through this shift.

To read the full extract of what I shared in the video visit the following link on

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As ever if you enjoy this video, please feel free to share it with friends / family.

Lots of love,

John x



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