What If It's Happening For You?

Jun 19, 2023

Throughout our lives we inevitably end up experiencing situations which become quite challenging or even untenable in some way.

These might be something at work, in a personal relationship, a hobby or any aspect of life really.

These situations can be especially difficult if they were parts of your life that were relatively stable for some time.

Attempts to 'cling on' or 'make it work' are often just temporary plasters to a situation that needs to change.

And this clinging on and fear of letting go can often lead to struggle, efforting, resistance, stress, overthinking and even ill health.

I have been through this myself numerous times over the past few years - and there's something I often come back to, something that makes going through these experiences a little bit less bumpy.

It's a just a question to ponder:

"What if this is happening FOR you?"

I hasten to add that asking yourself this question ISN'T about negating your experience or what you're going through.

Whatever you are going through, it's still normal and perfectly okay for it to feel upsetting or distressing in some way.

But very often when we experience these situations we can get caught in a spiral of feeling powerless or victimised by them.

What if there was a way of coming back to curiosity about these situations that might open us up again to new insight?

Hear me share more about this in my latest video share by clicking below. As always please just take what resonates and drop whatever doesn't.

With love,

John x

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