Navigating Uncertainty

anxiety client stories Jan 29, 2021

Following on from my last blog about the up and down nature of life, I wanted to share a couple stories that highlight a direction to look towards that I have seen helpful to people struggling with the uncertainty and unknowns in life.

I could sum it up as, trusting your inner knowing. Or maybe you'd saying trusting your intuition. Or maybe you'd just call it having faith in a greater intelligence.

We often think that our 'intelligence' and creativity are found in the noise and thinking of our minds. Consequently even if we connect to a deeper sense of inner peace, it can be a fleeting experience as the tendency is to go into our thinking mind to try and navigate the uncertainty in front of us.

In other words we think that we need to think our way through the uncertainty to find our way. Now there's a conundrum!!!!

And as the world becomes more uncertain this tendency is so much greater and it can really feel like we lose our balance.

But what if that quiet space within us is actually the intelligent part of ourselves, and our thinking is just a noisy commentator that doesn't know as much as we think? Then we can spend more time in that quiet irrespective of the uncertainty.

Here's two stories that point towards this intelligence:

Story #1...

Yesterday Paul and I were talking about my upcoming Finding Solid Ground workshop.

One morning I woke up with the idea for the workshop and then quickly scribbled everything down onto a WhatsApp message so that we could begin to build the webpage for the event.

What was interesting for me was how this idea seemingly broke so many 'rules' for retreats that I have run in the past.

- I've put in on at a much lower price than normal, 3 days for £199.

- I've chosen dates based purely on gut feel that my mind objected to because it had much more rational and sensible dates that it had 'figured out'.

- I've given myself less time to market the event.

- I've not even called it a retreat, I called it a workshop as it felt more congruent.

- I'm allowing as many people to join as they want to where normally I'd keep the numbers much lower.

Despite the objections of my mind and the discomfort I felt 'breaking the rules of my thinking', instead I just trusted it and moved forward.

The result has been a great response with 13 people already signed up to the workshop.

As I write this, I realise even the way that I'm telling people about the workshop isn't normal. I hate normal sales practices and have always shied away from them. For me what feels true is to offer value and simply let people know about what I am doing. I probably break lots of marketing and sales rules by operating this way, but frankly I don't care. They've never felt right to me anyway, and apparently it hasn't affected my ability to build a business that feels in alignment with who I am. I've always trusted my Knowing on this, and it always seems to 'hold' me no matter how frightened my mind might become.

So this is how I chose to share with you about my upcoming workshop. By sharing this story of me experiencing what I'm going to be pointing workshop attendees to over those 3 days, and by offering what value I can irrespective of whether you choose to attend.

If you've been thinking of signing up or would like to find out more information click the link below:


Story #2...

What I have seen from my own personal experience and that with clients is that when we are able to see and understand our inner knowing, our experience of life becomes more expansive and full of potential.

I've got another video I want to share with you that highlights this. It a video is with a former of client of mine, Jennie, who courageously surrendered to the unknown, stopped fighting her anxiety (and noticed how it became much less of her day to day experience) and has not looked back since.

Jennie's story illustrates what's possible when you follow and trust your inner knowing, and how life can become even easier and more wondrous as we begin to reconnect to this deeper part of ourselves.

Watch the video above to hear more about Jennie's insights.

Jennie will be a guest speaker at the Finding Solid Ground workshop next week. Given her previous struggles with anxiety, I've been particularly inspired by just how grounded she has stayed in the current uncertainty that we all have found ourselves in. On the workshop Jennie will share about her experience, what she saw and even more exciting updates to her story since the video above was recorded!

If the video above brings you value or helps you, then the Finding Solid Ground workshop might be of interest to you. Click here to take a look.

Take care,

Love John


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